be seen in 2017

Our annual report

This year we called on our team, our customers, employers and communities to Be Seen

Campbell Page would like to show our respect for the traditional custodians of this land in which we work and meet. We also acknowledge and respect Elders both past and present. 

Campbell Page is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making a difference in our communities. The people we work with are from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Our ambition is to support them into great jobs and a brighter future. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to be seen, a chance to be heard and a chance to thrive. 

This year our focus has been to help our customers, employers and partners to Be Seen:

  • for their potential in the workplace and not just what they have been through or where they have come from;
  • for their abilities as employees;
  • as meaningful contributors to the community;
  • as employers who champion diversity in the workplace; and;
  • as a team that fulfils our values to dare to be different, to never give up and that we’re in it together.



Nirmal Hansra  Chair

Nirmal Hansra

Dale Cleaver  Chief Executive Officer

Dale Cleaver
Chief Executive Officer


Chair and CEO Report

We would like to thank our staff, funders, partners, employers, customers and supporters for another successful year for Campbell Page. This year Campbell Page prepared for the future. We reviewed our strategy in preparation for the upcoming changes in government policy, while remaining focused on helping disadvantaged people into employment.  

As part of this change, we invested heavily into our Disability Employment Services team, including implementing international evidence-based models of assessment and intervention, and developing innovative approaches to staff training to enhance their interactions with our customers. This investment is already leading to better employment outcomes for our customers.       

Operational Performance

Campbell Page performed consistently (with average Department ratings of above 3) in our key service programs: Disability Employment Services, jobactive, and the Community Development Programme. Our Green Army program also achieved solid results throughout the year, in particular host and participation satisfaction; indigenous engagement and Work Health & Safety audits.   

To continue this success, we invested significantly in people and processes throughout the year. Changes to our information technology and marketing resourcing are helping us embed an innovative customer-centric service model. We are currently recruiting for senior roles in these two key areas.  Campbell Page also proudly contributed to the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services Review. The results of the report have informed a more client-focused governmental policy in disability employment. 

Our work on Palm Island is especially important to us. We engaged Social Ventures Australia to identify ways we could assist an even greater number of people into employment through the setting up of small businesses on the Island. We are currently working with the Palm Island community, the local council, the economic development corporation and government departments to finalise and commence an innovative pilot program.  The outstanding work being carried out across our jobactive and Community Services programs is commendable as we touch and change in a really positive way the lives of many of our customers.  

Financial year performance

2017 saw us investing in the company’s business strategies, particularly in relation to Disability Employment Services. Our revenue was reduced as a result of both the Government’s termination of the Green Army program and the residual winding-up of the Job Service Australia contract. 

Although Campbell Page posted a loss of $1.69 million, EBITDA before allowing for strategic investments ended in a surplus of $780,588.

The Board and Leadership Team  

We welcomed the appointment of Charles Weiser to the Board in 2017. Charles brings strong strategic technology skills to the organisation. 

Our CEO, Dale Cleaver, resigned after the end of the financial year. We thank Dale for his significant contribution to Campbell Page over the last six years and wish him well in his new role. 

We are very excited to announce Natalie Turmine as Campbell Page’s new CEO. Natalie brings extensive experience in employment, disability, and training services to our organisation.  

It’s all about People

We are thrilled to report that over the past year, Campbell Page has assisted 7, 611 people into jobs, work experience, and education (through our employment programs including jobactive, Disability Employment Services, Community Development Programme and Work for the Dole). This is a powerful testament to the delivery of results to our customers. You can connect with their stories via our website, our social media pages and our newsletters.

Finally, thanks must go to all those within the organisation for their contribution to Campbell Page’s success this year. We look forward to supporting our customers into a brighter future in the year ahead. 

Nirmal Hansra                    Dale Cleaver
Chair                            CEO


Dale and Nirmal_HeadShots4367.jpg
"We are thrilled to report that over the past year, Campbell Page has assisted 7, 611 people into jobs, work experience and education".
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our belief



Our year

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our total number of customers this year

The number of people we have serviced through our employment programs are outlined below.



Disability Employment



Of the above people we assisted, the following number of customers were of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds:

indigenous customers


Community development


Green Army



''The people we’ve worked with this year have been able to transform their lives by finding long term employment''.
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we supported

7,611 people

into jobs,work experience and education

achieved through our employment programs including jobactive, Disability Employment Services, Community Development Programme and Work for the Dole

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At Campbell Page nothing would be possible without our people. This includes our team, our communities, our partner employers and our funders.


Our community partnerships

This year we developed over 50 Community Partnerships delivering a range of services. From mental health support and housing services right through to family and financial counselling – we aim to provide our customers with the best support possible so they can move into work confidently.

Our Employers

At Campbell Page, it isn’t enough to find someone a job – we want to build relationships with our employers and work towards creating socially inclusive and diverse workforces.

This year we have connected with 52 new employers with a goal to reach 500 potential employer partners by 2020.  We are currently working with employers such as McDonalds, Tip Top Bakeries, AHS Hospitality and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  


Our Team

Our purpose is important to our team. A recent survey showed that our employee alignment with purpose was benchmarked to be in the top quartile compared with other not-for-profit organisations. This survey also demonstrated that our people are highly engaged with the work they do.  Our front line workforce make us proud every day, and our support teams provide great customer service to our business units.

We recognise our work heroes and role models at our annual BEST Awards.  Janine Hutton was awarded the CEO Award in 2016 for her leadership within our Community Services and her commitment to our customers over the past 18 years. The Green Army team won the Community Impact Award hands down for their community and environmental outcomes and for providing valuable skills and qualifications to young Australians.

We again invested in our managers and leaders. This year our Emerging Leaders program was introduced to support internal promotions. It was a resounding success with 100% of participants being promoted in their respective roles.


We would not be able to help as many people as we do without the support of our funders. Thank you to our funders and grantors for your support throughout the 2016-2017 Financial Year.

•    Department of Employment
•    Department of Social Services
•    Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
•    Department of the Environment and Energy
•    Department of Family and Community Services (NSW)
•    Department of Industry (NSW)
•    Department of Education and Communities (NSW)
•    Department of Education and Child Development (SA)

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Our Customer Service


We believe that everyone deserves a chance to be seen, a chance to be heard and a chance to thrive. Our vision to support people into great jobs means that great customer service is important to our team. Our service focus is all about making customers feel welcome, safe and respected in our hubs. It’s also about doing what we say we will do. 

''When your goal is to help people be the best they can be, the customer experience is everything''. 
 Quality & Customer Service


people completed surveys at our hubs


of people surveyed are confident that we do what we say we will do


 phone calls were recieved by our CUSTOMER CONTACT CENTRE this year

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Disability Employment Support

Our Disability Employment Services (DES) are provided to people in 27 communities across New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

Our team of Employment Consultants and Occupational Assessors aim to support people with specific medical conditions, mental illness (anxiety or depression), physical injury or illness to find long-term employment. 

We help our customers by: 

•    helping them identify their skills and building on their strengths;
•    providing ongoing support, mentoring and career counselling both         before and during employment; and;
•    staying with them for the long term through our In-Work Support           program.



people with disabilities participated in our service this year


of these people were helped into work or educatioN


2 in every 3

of our hubs* achieved a 4 or 5 star rating through the department of social services

*3 of our hubs did not receive ratings being new to the program


CamPage_MelbShoot_5118_002 (2).jpg
''With one in five Australians living with a disability, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in the workforce. More and more Australian companies are recognising people for their abilities rather than their disabilities and are seeing the benefits of investing in a diverse workforce''.
National Program Manager – DES

UMIT's success

when finding work seemed impossible


Umit had struggled with his mental health, in addition to physical challenges, for many years and believed that no one would hire him. Unemployed, bored and a little bit lost, he came to Campbell Page Broadmeadows and discovered that he did have something to offer.

Umit felt that he had no work skills, and that even if he got to an interview, his communication skills would let him down. Over a two-year period, Umit’s Employment Consultant worked with him to develop not only his skills but also to help build up his confidence. When Umit felt ready within himself, he began applying for jobs and was selected to interview.

He was excited, but nervous because the job involved regular interaction with customers. Umit was over the moon when he was successful in getting the job.

Working regularly and interacting with customers helped Umit in many ways – from growing his self-esteem and confidence, right through to learning new skills.

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Employment Services


In 2016-2017, Campbell Page provided our jobactive employment service across 15 communities on the east coast of New South Wales. Our jobactive program provides our customers with support and guidance to find work.

At Campbell Page, we know that finding work is sometimes easier said than done. That’s why as we support people on their journey into work, we take the time to get to know their skills, goals and previous experience. Our Employment Specialists also stay with our customers for the long haul through our In-Work Support program.

''The dedicated jobactive team strive to support our customers however they can. They are determined to help our customers find meaningful, long term employment and to support them in this journey''.
Program Manager – jobactive


people were engaged in our jobactive program this year


of these people were helped into work or education


over 35

jobactive customers were helped by our Recruitflex* service  into casual employment

*Recruitflex is a NSW-based Campbell Page recruitment service which focuses on providing casual recruitment positions. Our team works closely with jobactive, providing the opportunity to place customers who are ready to start gaining valuable work experience. 

2 in every 3

of our hubs achieved a 4 or 5 star rating through the department of employment

EMILY's success

learning how to start the pathway towards a career


Emily had always found a job by herself, so when she first came to Campbell Page she wasn’t exactly thrilled to be here. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, but together with her Employment Consultant, Emily was able to narrow down her skills and decide that a customer facing role was perfect for her.

Emily and her Employment Consultant prepared job applications together, ensuring they met job application requirements but also reflected Emily's goals and personality. Not long after, Emily was asked to interview for a job at a local bank. Before her interview, Emily and her Employment Consultant prepared for the interview together, and began practising interview questions to ensure she was well prepared.

It all paid off because one week later Emily got the job. Emily is now happy and confident in her new job as a full-time Customer Service Officer at St George Bank.

“Campbell Page actually cared and even went so far as to purchase me a new pair of shoes, making sure I gave a polished first impression in my interview" - Emily.

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Community Development Programme


The Palm Island Community Development Programme (CDP) helped over 865 customers this year and has six community activities in place. The CDP team helps unemployed customers become engaged and motivated through meaningful activities which up skill them and place them in the best position for finding work.

Ensuring a strong future for our customers means building partnerships and ensuring that we are Closing the Gap in the key areas of employment, education and training. The past year has seen CDP work together with many service providers on the Island to help Close the Gap on Indigenous disadvantage. 

''Not only are we proud of our achievements as a team this year, but we are excited about the future''.
Program Manager – CDP

Over 865

people engaged in our Palm Island CDP


of these people were helped into work


our outcomes

we Recorded the best 13 week and 26 week outcomes in the program’s history

(59 people in 13 weeks and 39 people in 26 weeks)

Selina and Keita’s Success

finding work in an exciting field


Selina Hughes and Keita Obah-Lenoy were participants of Campbell Page’s Community Development Programme activities on Palm Island – now they are both excelling as Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs).

Selina and Keita trained in Brisbane for several months under the Queensland Ambulance Service and have returned to Palm Island to assist in the care of their community.

“We want to build a closer relationship between Queensland’s Indigenous Communities and the Ambulance Service that can help us to get a better understanding of the health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people" -Selina.

Both ladies believe that they can help the health care system better understand the needs of Indigenous Australians by incorporating local and cultural knowledge to enhance the level of service they provide.

The whole Palm Island community is extremely proud and cannot wait to see them around the Island.

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Youth, Family & Indigenous Support


Community has always been at the heart of what we do at Campbell Page. As part of our commitment to transform lives, we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity and the help to overcome challenges so that they can be the best they can be.  Our youth, family and Indigenous support services include 10 programs that operate across our Bega, Eden, Mogo and Moruya community hubs in New South Wales as well as the SMYLE program in Oaklands Park, South Australia. 

Over 170

young people were helped by the eurobodalla youth homeless centre

Over 215

families and young people have been assisted through our reconnect program


services were coordinated through the Eden Hub Community Builders Program


people attended our Community Capacity Building events

''Providing support to young people and families is important to ensure our communities thrive. We want to give all young people and families the best start in life''.
National Program Manager - Indigenous, Youth & Family Services


Our Youth programs include our Eden Youth Centre, Eurobodalla Youth Homeless Support Service, our NSW South Coast Youth Services and our SMYLE (Supporting and Mentoring Youth in Learning and Earning) program in South Australia. The Eden Youth Centre offers a safe place for young people, keeping them connected with their community through a number of events and opportunities.

The Eurobodalla Youth Homeless Service was able to support over 170 young people between the ages of 16-24 this year. This support included help with life skills, education, mental health, drug and alcohol problems, housing and finances - among many other things. Our South Coast Youth Service helps young people aged 12-18 years old and their families through our Eden Youth Centre, Moruya Youth Services and the Eurobodalla Aboriginal Youth Project.  

The SMYLE team had 126 enrolments through their Flexible Learning Programs, including help with English, Maths and a range of special research projects.

Community & Family

Through the Eden Hub Community Builders service, our team are able to support people with social and financial challenges to connect with their community. Reconnect (Bega, Eden and Eurobodolla) is also a community focused program which supported over 215 young people and their families this year. The program provides early intervention and prevention support for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The program works by supporting young people and their families into stable living conditions and engaging them with work, training and education. 

We also provide community support for young children (aged 0-8 years old) through our Community Capacity Building Program by providing training, group sessions, events and transition to school projects. Our Mogo Aboriginal Preschool offers a positive learning environment for children aged 3-6 years old, through a number of learning, play and family activities.  


Indigenous Support

The Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) works in collaboration with our NSW community partners to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and their families. The aim of the program is to connect people with the resources they may need to eventually find suitable work or education.

The program works with the community to strengthen family relationships and to improve the overall health and social wellbeing of participants. Our New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP) program also assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people, by providing the right training and education to help find great jobs. The program helped 83 participants this year. 

CP Backing PanelsGrey.png

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Green Army

Anthony Hope.jpg

Together with Skillset, the Campbell Page Green Army provides personal skill development for young people aged 17-24 across NSW and QLD. Over the course of this year Green Army engaged with 362 new entrants to the program, servicing 588 participants overall (new and existing) throughout the financial year.  These participants were provided with an opportunity to receive hands on conservation experience and to contribute to their community’s environmental strategies.  This year we also commenced a further 46 projects across NSW and QLD. While funding will cease, and as a result the program will end in 2018, operations are still at full capacity with continued high achievement in key result areas for partners, community groups, the Department and of course our participants.

''We are extremely proud of the results we continue to achieve, especially when the Department has confirmed we are one of the top two Green Army Providers leading the way in Indigenous engagement levels.  
The team continues to perform as strongly as ever to ensure the high standards we established in the formative years are continually achieved, ensuring Green Army’s success is long remembered''.
National Program Manager - Green Army


young people enrolled in the green army


of those participants who did not exit for employment opportunities, completed the program in full


community partners sponsored green army projects this year


community engagement events    



were planted over 5,135 Hectares


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Our Board And Leadership Team


Our Board

Nirmal Hansra  Chair

Nirmal Hansra

Pamela Catty  Director

Pamela Catty

Jane Schwager  Director

Jane Schwager

Peter Bennett  Director

Peter Bennett

David Nathan  Director

David Nathan

Nell Anderson  Director

Nell Anderson

Charles Weiser  Director

Charles Weiser

Phil Armstrong  Director (Resigned as Director 21.11.2016)

Phil Armstrong
Director (Resigned as Director 21.11.2016)

Our Leadership Team

Dale Cleaver  Chief Executive Officer

Dale Cleaver
Chief Executive Officer

Gail O'Donnell  Chief Financial Officer (Commenced as CFO 22.02.2017)

Gail O'Donnell
Chief Financial Officer (Commenced as CFO 22.02.2017)

Rachael Harvey  Head of People and Culture

Rachael Harvey
Head of People and Culture

Sotir Kondov  Head of Current and Expanding Business

Sotir Kondov
Head of Current and
Expanding Business

Tamsen Marriott  Head of Disability Employment Services

Tamsen Marriott
Head of Disability Employment Services

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OUR Accreditations

Campbell Page is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission. Campbell Page meets the standards set out by Quality Assurance Framework to deliver jobactive and by the National Standards for Disability Services to deliver Disability Employment Services. 

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Our customers
and our Communities
are at the heart
of what we do

That means we value your feedback and would love to hear from you! 

To send through your feedback, comments or questions please email or contact 1300 139 920

Click the link to download a full copy of Be Seen in 2017 : Our Annual Report